The Next Stage

Having identified students as involved in most cases rather than engaged we focussed our efforts upon a workable whole school approach.  It was at this juncture that we decided to embrace Dweck’s growth mindset research and design an implementation structure.  Dweck herself admits that there is no clear cut way of moving a school’s mindset and that successful case studies are hard to come by.

The research and implementation group was a body know as the JLT led by Stephen Foreman and Chris Hardwell.  We decided upon a number of elements that together would have impact and allow a growth mindset culture to be analysed and most importantly measured.  These were:

  1. Measuring the mindset of staff and students
  2. Whole staff training in the growth mindset
  3. Training of the students in the growth mindset
  4. Introducing a celebration culture into Huntington School with a focus on growth mindset traits
  5. A leadership programme
  6. A change in the feedback processes
  7. Renewed focus upon the core values of Huntington: respect, honesty and kindness
  8. Developing the why of learning

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