Knowing how your memory works……

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Students’ understand ‘that working harder makes them smarter’ they get the concept that their brains are malleable and can be developed through hard work and effort.

The Growth Mindset theory shows use that teaching students’ ‘how their memory works’ opens up the learning brain and helps reinforce the notion that memory can be improved and developed.

See the brilliant Joshua Foer to reinforce this:

Read the book; think about the possibilities of the human brain.

Joshua Foer

Understand how your brain works and see our journey into the world of memory below.

The Junior Leadership Team at Huntington School spent a period of time researching into ‘how your memory works’. See our findings here:

Research Summary-How Your Memory Works

We planned and implemented a staff training session on memory inspired by Dweck. See our presentation here:

Staff Training-Memory

We gained feedback from staff. What are Huntington School’s most successful ways to help students encode information?

See our outcomes here:

Staff Feedback-Memory and Revision

See our summary of the 10 most effective ways to encode information to memory. Please use our great pictoral resource, we presented this to all our Year 11’s during their revision period.

Top 10 Memory Techniques

Top 10 Memory Techniques-Notes

To follow….

Teaching key Stage 3 students how their memory works.   










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