Growth Mindset-One year on

One year on; we conducted the Growth Mindset diagnostic questionnaire with our Key Stage Three students for the second time. Although not scientifically valid or even recommended by Dweck. We knew that already having a database of GM scores was an irresistible chance to fly with convention and retest our students. The results were interesting to say the least. See our average pre and post test results below (NB* Average of 8 GM questions graded on a scale of 1 Fixed – 6 Growth).

Year Group No of Students Average Pre test Average Post test Diff
Year 7 194 3.37 4.24 0.86
Year 8 179 4.04 4.40 0.36
Year 9 165 4.12 4.30 0.17
AVERAGE 179 3.84 4.31 0.47

We do need to delve a little deeper into the results although we do already see patterns and trends appearing. We still need to analyse our Key Stage 4 results and also look at SEND/Pupil Premium correlations. More to follow…

We conducted some targeted GM interventions with a small group of students; you could call it ‘a Growth Mindset boot camp’. These results show an upward trend, but are less successful, on average than our whole school work (NB* very small sample size). Decipher that one if you can!

Student Pre GM score Post Gm score Difference
Student A 5.38 5.25 -0.13
Student B 3.63 3.75 0.12
Student C 3.38 4.38 1
Student D No score 3.50 N/A
Student E 4.13 4.66 0.53
4.13 4.3 0.38

We are continuing to work on embedding the GM theory across the school and will focus squarely on the use of GM language in the classroom next year. More recently we have developed this GM culture by getting our students nominating each other, explaining why/how they had shown a GM approach to learning. This information will be used to shape our GM awards evening later this year. The sheer body of comments and stories is overwhelming and will continue to feed into our whole school work for sometime to come. See pro-forma below:


We also continue to develop our memory work in light of the new, more rigorous qualification our students’ are expected to undertake. See our presentation on memory techniques here:

Memory Presentation

Teacher Notes -GM Memory

In September we are undertaking a Growth Mindset challenge day with all our new Year Seven students. See our initial introductory presentation (Thanks to Gary at Bohunt for some of the content) here:

Growth Mindset Introductory Student Training

Growth Mindset Student Training Teacher Notes

Next to follow: Effort Reporting


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